Hello, I thought it good I declare to you the signs and wonders Jesus Christ has worked for me that the works of God, and that I do the work of God should be revealed through me. First and foremost, let me reveal to you the greatest work God has done for all of humankind, which of course is for me then, as well as yourself, but will lead to the works Jesus has done for me personally. Jesus Christ was sent to the earth to sacrifice himself dying on a cross to be raised three days later for the forgiveness of humankind’s sins so that whosoever believeth in, Jesus Christ, should not perish but have everlasting life! I am Keith, the content seventeen years old with forty-three years of experience half physically dead, fully spiritually alive, miracle man, living. To finally have this belief in my heart, soul, and mind, which is doing the work of God, is the most positive in my life! John 6:29 Jesus answered them, “This is the work of God, that you believe in him whom he has sent.”  It took the magnitude of Jesus, saving my life thirty- ninth to forty-three times to make me finally stop taking life for granted and say from my heart. “Thank you, Jesus, for saving my life!” The thirty-fourth to thirty-seventh times were four bleeds in my brain due to burst aneurysms in December 2002, as my just true love chastening by my master, Jesus Christ, to open the eyes of my heart, soul, and mind to my sinful, rebellious, foolish, and downright stupid lifestyle and repent. Dr. Fewer who had performed the first two emergency operations after the second and third bleeds told my parents as he left the hospital for a meeting outside of Winnipeg, Mb. That I would not survive another bleed, but I would survive another operation to repair the uncountable number of aneurysms, so that evening after the fourth bleed caused my entire physical brain to start swelling, not just in the areas of my brain where the bleeds had already occurred. God used these bleeds to abase me, by making my entire physical brain, swell to equal the thoughts of myself, a swollen head that was too big for my skull. Upon arriving at the hospital. The called-in now-deceased neurosurgeon, Owen Williams, reviewed my charts and exclaimed to everyone present. “I have no idea what I could possibly do for him surgically, but if I do nothing, he is dead for sure.” Dr. Williams left everyone in a private room with the comment as he left the room to go to the operating room. “I am going in there on a wing and a prayer.” “My job is on the wing.” “Your job is the prayer.” At this point, mom phoned my younger sister, Deborah, who had driven from Wetaskiwin, Ab. To Winnipeg, Mb. Staying at my place, to search the house for some olive oil and bring it to the hospital ASAP. Mom took the oil when Deborah arrived at the hospital. Mom, dad, and Deborah went into the I CU to pray for me, as I was prepped for surgery. Mom anointed me, with the oil and they prayed for me with the laying on of hands in Jesus’s name. Let me share the following verses from the Jerusalem Bible. Mark 16:17a-18c. Jesus is speaking. “These are the signs that will be associated with believers in my name. They will lay their hands on the sick and they will recover.” this resulted in Dr. Williams doing something he never imagined he would ever do, or that I would even survive him doing it, which was cutting off the top-right quarter of my skull, within a second or two he claimed of my brain collapsing onto the top of my spinal column that would have killed me instantly! 2 Corinthians 9:15 Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!

 The amount of my skull that was removed after the fourth surgery or the first reconstructive surgery on September 2/2003, to replace the three bones removed in the third emergency surgery after the fourth bleed putting the bones in backwards because he could not get them to remain solid in the correct position!

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to allow my brain to swell without increasing the pressure in my skull. Additionally, the neurosurgeon was astounded when I survived. I became sick to my stomach after the first emergency operation, as they started to stick a tube down my throat but already having two hemorrhagic strokes my mouth did not open properly forcing the vomit into my left lung causing pneumonia to set in. I was also experiencing indications of some kind of infection that after many tests were finally diagnosed as an E-Coli infection. After the third emergency operation Dr, Williams wanted to repair the uncountable number of aneurysms. However, he could not see a single aneurysm to repair after ordering multiple MRIs. He was still concerned with my brain swelling, so ordered me to be induced into the deepest possible coma using all the latest technology of drugs to start the coma then my body was wrapped in a refrigerator blanket to put my body into hypothermia. to hopefully settle everything down. Deborah was standing beside my bed holding my hand, as they started the intravenous drugs to start the coma. She was watching the brain wave monitor behind my head. As the wave began to flatten, she said. “Keith, you need to be strong now.” She said that my lips never moved but she heard me say. “No, Deborah, it is now that I need you to be strong for me.” The brain wave monitor spiked, and Deborah dropped my hand rushing out of the room hoping that nothing bad would happen to me going into the coma. When Deborah arrived home a couple of weeks later her best friend through church asked her what happened a couple of weeks ago because she had the most intense feeling to pray for Deborah to be strong. We are so marvellously interconnected at the spirit level on this earth. the clearest memory I have in the hospital was thinking the window was open in the wintertime, because my left foot was unbearably frozen, regardless of the number of heated sheets they put over it. They ran out of heated sheets. I feel this unbearable frozenness on the left side of my body, even if there was the slightest of cool air, whether I am sitting or sleeping. The second clearest memory I have in the hospital was in the step-down unit after the third emergency operation. I looked at the wall, seeing a sign pinned above my head that read: do not lie on right side. The nurse came in asking me if I would like to know and see what had been done to me for this sign to be hung above my head. I answered, “Yes that would be great.” She brought in a mirror, explaining the doctor had cut off the top-right quarter of my skull to allow my brain to swell without increasing the pressure in my skull more than it already was. I could see this large lump in the dent of my skull in the mirror on the table over my bed. I decided it must be my brain swelling out of where the bone had been removed from my skull. I wondered if I would be able to feel my brain through my scalp. I gently rubbed my fingers over the lump in the dent of my skull, being surprised to feel tube-like bumps under my scalp. I stopped when I was shocked when something inside my skull could feel my fingers rubbing on it. I was upset and disappointed when I learned from my brother Mark

My brother Mark, who was the second most supportive person in the hospital with me for four and a half months had to take an eighteen-hour bus ride from Prince Albert, Sk. To Winnipeg, Mb.

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after I was discharged from the hospital on April 7, 2003, they stopped him from taking a picture of my head with the lump visible in it. The now-deceased neurosurgeon, Owen Williams, walked into the room carrying the images for an MRI review appointment in April of 2005, exclaiming. “I am astounded that you survived let alone recovered at all with the amount of brain damage you have.” He explained the colours in the images  Click on the image or key this www.keithlistoe.com/Halfhead.jpg into your browser’s command line to view the enlarged image online: ending saying. “As you can see it is very obvious that the majority of the right side of your brain is damaged. I can only guess that you had too much brain, to begin with!” From this brain damage, I lost the sense of touch on the left side of my body, the left side of my field of vision, my sense of awareness or recognition, and my pituitary gland. I lost the area of my brain that automatically ignores background noise, which makes it possible for us to hear and understand the human voice. I can hear someone speaking to me but if there is the slightest background noise. I cannot understand a word that they are speaking. I also lost my sense of smell, and I am extremely absentminded now. However, I turned the absentmindedness into the greatest positive change in my life by compensating for it using alarms on my iPhone that have made me more punctual than ever before in my life! My common-law spouse, Teri, was the most supportive person with me in the hospital, click on the image or key this www.keithlistoe.com/teri_and_keith3.jpg into your browser’s command line to view the enlarged image online: I miss-used and abused the miraculous healing and recovery Jesus had worked for me by playing my gut feeling at five years old to learn to play my reflex reaction style of goaltending in hockey in my birth town of Spiritwood, Sk. on Sunday, November 13, 2005, which could only have been for my glory, not glory to God. Acts 12:23 And immediately, because he had not given the glory to God, an angel of the Lord struck him down, and he was eaten by worms and died.

However, I perceive the truth that Jesus used the opportunity to reveal his love, power, might and existence through me by making me play as well as I did. I posted a link to a video of me playing in the game here:


 However, Jesus saved my life again following this when I was a pedestrian struck by an S U V on December 10, 2005, dislocating and crushing my left shoulder joint ball, so it’s now an artificial shoulder joint, tearing the ligaments in my left knee and deflating my left lung, which was the thirty-eighth lifesaving. In January of 2006, I was walking home from the Safeway on the south side of Kirkbridge Drive, Winnipeg, Mb. and had to cross over to the north side. I lifted my left foot over the slightly plowed-up ice and snow and started to push forward with my back-right foot. I felt the wind from a half-ton truck’s side rear-view mirror on my left cheek. My left cheek only feels pain or super hyper sensations. I was standing there, trembling, thinking, I would have been decapitated if I had completed stepping onto Kirkbridge drive!

My heart melted the moment I said from my heart. “Thank you, Jesus, for saving my life!” I immediately felt the most intense, overwhelming feelings of puppy love for Jesus Christ, which I discern now was when I was made fully spiritually alive or the start of my second life! I couldn’t stand feeling such intense, overwhelming feelings of puppy love constantly anymore, in April of 2006, and decided I want it to mature into being in a giving from my heart true love, faith relationship with Jesus Christ from the example of my common-law spouse, Teri’s, joy and happiness from her giving from her heart true love for me, which she forsook her parents, siblings, friends, and two adult children from her previous marriage to be by my side until she was confident I could manage on my own. I immediately remembered the only day, Monday, December 11, 1978, I participated in my parent’s daily devotional readings with the reading from Luke 4. Luke 4:17 And there was delivered unto him the book of the prophet Isaiah, and when he had opened the book, he found the place where it was written caught my attention, making methinks, if I ever have daily devotional readings. I will pray that Jesus guides my fingers to open the Bible, your word, to the scripture passage you want me to read as your message to me today and provide me with a clear open understanding heart, soul, and mind of all I read, so I may understand to know the meaning and/or relevance to my life. In Jesus’s name, I ask and pray Amen.

I received an audio version of the NKJV New Testament from CNIB about two weeks after this, which was perfect for my visual impairment now of losing the left side of my field of vision which makes me rarely see the first letter of a word making reading most challenging! I searched found and copied the entire NKJV Bible in text format into a Word document and the audio files for the Old Testament of the NKJV Bible, so I could use it for my daily devotional readings from, Jesus Christ. I read the Bible numerous times over the years using the WebApp that I developed here: www.ondemandwisdom.com/in_a_year.html after I taught myself in 2004 how to develop a web page that made me have thoughts of scripture passages that suited what was happening in my life, so I hired a programmer to develop the WebApp:

www.ondemandwisdom.com/Daily_Devotional_Readings.php  to avoid having any possibility of my thoughts influencing where I opened the Bible daily for my daily devotional readings! I made a mistake understanding three days of readings on September 6, 7, and 8, 2007 that resulted in me trying to save my life of love for mammon, by donating 169 of my household luxury possessions that I did not require to cook and serve a Christmas Dinner feast to five homeless people here in Winnipeg, Mb. and I lost my life of love for mammon, becoming content with only what I require to survive. I’m thankful for this as it made me aware without my sense of awareness that the more, I want or have above what I require to survive only increases my worry, anxiety, stress, and fear, but the more I give from my  heart, to those in need what they require to survive now and forevermore, through perfect love; (complete love, faith, and trust in, Jesus  Christ), not the money for which they might incorrectly beg, increases my joy and happiness! I had the idea to determine the reason the church leaders of the ELCIC church, Epiphany Lutheran Church I’ve attended since moving to Winnipeg, Mb. in 1991, used the laws of the land more than the laws of God, by, passing the motion for the church to bless same-sex marriages. I learned that there are only hymns relevant to about 67% of the Bible, and the church uses a church calendar that is against the writings of the Apostle Paul in Galatians 4:10-11. 10 You are observing special days, and months, and seasons, and years. 11 I am afraid that my work for you may have been wasted. I also learned that the Christian denomination churches use one lectionary to predetermine the Bible readings for every Sunday years in advance, which made me conclude is the reason the church leaders misunderstand the Bible, because the word of God, Bible has been put to death for leading the church! Using the lectionary also puts extreme pressure on the Pastors to try to write a meaningful message to their congregation. In essence, the Christian denomination churches don’t promote being disciples of Jesus Christ, and Jesus told us clearly in Matthew 23:10 And do not be called teachers; for One is your Teacher, the Christ. I learned through my daily devotional readings to write and self-publish on July 25/2014, the book I titled:

“The Perfect Life

A Life of Complete Joy and Happiness as A True Disciple of Jesus Christ!”

However, I learned through my daily devotional readings in 2016 that I miss wrote too much of Chapter three The Perfect Life of the understanding I learned of human sexuality, so I had to stop selling the book!  Click on the image or key this: www.keithlistoe.com/ThePerfectLife_SC_14-07-25.jpg into your browser's command line to vew the enlarged image online! I now therefore only promote the WebApp I hired a programmer to code for me here:

www.ondemandwisdom.com/Daily_Devotional_Readings.php, which is what enabled me to write the book. I also learned that the true meaning of this life is much too concise to write, as a book, for it is. Have mercy and compassion on the poor and needy by giving them what they require to survive now and forevermore through perfect love; (complete love, faith, and trust in, Jesus Christ), not the money for which they might incorrectly beg!  Humankind has been deceived into thinking that marriage is the “I do” in front of a human Pastor or judge. The truth “I do” of marriage in the sight of God the judge is the “I do” of performing sexual intercourse, which if a couple remain virgins until after the man has proposed marriage. The woman will initiate their true marriage on the first ovulation post the proposal of marriage. The man will receive the gift from, Jesus Christ of touching his to-be wife’s “G-spot” at the start of sexual foreplay that will result in perfect sexual intercourse that climaxes with the simultaneous whole being mutual ecstasy generating ejaculation orgasms that make the couple mutually sexually addicted to each other, which is a guaranteed marriage until death we will not part, as no one will do anything to jeopardize that to which they are addicted! The couple starts their relationship with open, honest, and considerate communication to get to know each other well enough to satisfy their mutual emotional, intellectual, and spiritual needs in their relationship!